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Hustle Fuel!

Hustle. To have the courage, confidence, self belief, and self-determination to go out there and work it out until you find the opportunities you want in life - Urban Dictionary

Once you've identified these opportunities you want in life, how do you keep that hustle fueled? What motivates you to stay dedicated and keep on hustling? I think this answer is different for everyone, but it certainly helps to hear what other people do to stay focused.

2019 will be a year for me to find out what others do to stay fueled. Here's how I aim to find out:

1. Identify some local folks dedicated to the hustle.

2. Brew some amazing coffee.

3. Deliver and capture the stories and tactics used to stay fueled.

I am going to capture this journey through videos and stories that will be posted here in a project i'm calling #HustleFuel . Join me on this journey as I find out what fuels others hustles all while fueling my own. While you are at it, check out The Hustle Blog by Vagrant Coffee!

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